About me

Who is Doula Tarot?

“I am a tarot reader, adept in numerology, astrology, pendulum, viking runes and dream interpretation.

My name is Yael Calderón and I began my spiritual journey in Mexico City when my destiny was marked with a lot of traveling and a gypsy lifestyle when i was born in my grandma’s car, a ’86 red VW Caribe, bringing a lot of movement omens in my life and providing a solid foundation to explore and understand the fascinating world of the esoteric and mystical. As the sixth generation of clairvoyants in my lineage, this valuable legacy has been passed down through generations, granting me a unique connection with a familiar spiritual tradition in divinatory arts and spiritual healing.

Since childhood, I’ve been immersed in an environment where the connection to the spiritual and understanding subtle energies was an integral part of daily life. My family not only practices cartomancy but also engages in spiritual healing using methods like tarot, pendulum, reiki, cleansings, and energy work.

I’ve become a steward of the family tradition, committed to preserving and enriching this spiritual legacy that has deeply influenced my perspective and approach to life. My experience is marked by an understanding of the energetic forces influencing our destiny and the ability to use tools like tarot for deeper insights. 

Invite to the Haunted Fort Mifflin 2021 in Philadelphia PA, USA to read tarot during Halloween season.

Invite to the Charleston Summer Picnic 2022 in Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia PA, USA to read tarot.

Invite to the Geenie’s Secret Bazaar 2022 in Philadelphia PA, USA to read tarot.

Welcome to Doula Tarot, transform your life with a reading today.