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What is numerology?

Numerology is a belief system that assigns meaning to numbers, drawing from ancient traditions and, in part, Pythagorean principles. It associates characteristics with numbers and is used for personal analysis, compatibility assessments, and even predictions. In daily life, it can offer self-awareness, guide decisions, and be applied in event planning. It’s essential to note that numerology lacks scientific basis and varies in interpretation. It serves as an introspective tool and, for some, as a guide in decision-making and personal improvement.





Number 1 symbolizes independence, leadership, and creativity. It reflects strong energy and self-confidence, emphasizing unity and individuality in daily life. Positively, it represents leadership and new beginnings, while negatively, it may suggest selfishness and impatience with others. 


Number 2 symbolizes cooperation, harmony, and empathy. Its balanced energy emphasizes the importance of kindness and cooperation in daily life. Positively, it represents the ability to be empathetic and peaceful, fostering balance in relationships. On the negative side, it may involve indecision, passivity, shyness, and a lack of self-confidence.


Number 3 symbolizes creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. It encourages personal expression and happiness. Positively, it embodies creativity and spontaneity, but negatively, it may suggest superficiality and lack of discipline.





Number 4 signifies stability, security, and hard work. Its stable and practical energy reminds us that organization is key to achieving goals. Positively, it embodies discipline, patience, efficiency, and a strong work ethic. Negatively, it may suggest rigidity, lack of flexibility, and obstinacy.


Number 5 embodies change, freedom, and adaptability. Its dynamic energy reminds us to embrace life’s constant changes and stay adaptable. Positively, it signifies freedom, curiosity, and flexibility, but negatively, it may suggest a lack of commitment, impatience, irresponsibility, and overstimulation tendencies.


Number 6 represents harmony, balance, responsibility, and love. Its energy is loving and balanced, emphasizing the power of love and the need for balance in daily life. Positively, it signifies the ability to love, harmony, compassion, and responsibility, while negatively, it may lead to overprotection, excessive worry, lack of boundaries, and a tendency toward personal sacrifice.





Number 7 signifies wisdom, introspection, and spirituality. It encourages the pursuit of wisdom for life’s purpose, reflecting deep and reflective energy. Positively, it embodies intuition and the ability to see beyond the superficial, but negatively, it may lead to isolation, emotional coldness, obsession, and difficulty connecting with others.


Number 8 is associated with authority, ambition, and stability. Its strong energy encourages goal-setting but may lead to rigidity. In daily life, it emphasizes justice and ethics, promoting success and respect. However, it can also lead to negative traits like arrogance and greed, with a potential for an extreme obsession with power and control.


 Number 9 signifies compassion, humanity, and creativity. It encourages empathy and serves as a daily reminder for compassion and creativity. Positively, it embodies generosity and visionary leadership. On the downside, it may lead to indecision and isolation in extreme cases. 

What does your birthday say about you?

In numerology, decoding your birthday can offer insights into the essence of your soul and from your personality. The soul reflects your authentic self, the core of who you are, deep down. It unveils your intrinsic qualities, innate desires, and innermost motivations. On the other hand, your personality represents the external facade you present to the world, shaped by experiences, societal expectations, and self-perception. Understanding the interplay between your soul and personality provides a holistic perspective on your being.

Moreover, numerology delves into your divine gift, a unique talent or attribute bestowed upon you, serving as a source of strength and guidance. This gift is a special quality that, when recognized and embraced, can contribute significantly to your personal growth and fulfillment. Additionally, numerology sheds light on your life mission, revealing the overarching purpose or path you are meant to follow. It offers clarity on the lessons to be learned, challenges to overcome, and the impact you can make in the world. Exploring the intricacies of your birthdate through numerology provides a comprehensive understanding of your spiritual self, personality dynamics, divine gifts, and the overarching mission that shapes your life’s journey.

Soul Number

Personality or Karmic Number

Divine gift

Marked by the day you were born, the soul number signifies the relationship one has with oneself, depicting how you are on the inside. When not at peace with oneself, even if everything seems fine externally, inner peace may remain elusive. It offers a glimpse into the “true you” compared to the externally projected image.

Derived from the month of birth, the personality or karmic number provides insights into your basic personality, characteristics, innate abilities, and your relationship with the external world.ction of crystals, essential oils, and guided meditations.

Obtained by summing the last two digits of the birth year, the divine gift is a quality bestowed upon us, not earned through struggle. It is always positive and dependable, with its utilization depending on an individual’s level of awareness.

Past life

Life Mission

Personal Year

Obtained by summing the four digits of the birth year, this aspect reveals what you were working on in your last life and represents how people perceive you. It’s a projection of what we convey to others.

Obtained by summing the entire birthdate, the life mission is your guiding number, a sort of constant mentor to be mindful of throughout life.

Using the current date and your birthdate, the personal year can be calculated to reveal trends and themes for a specific year, aiding in understanding potential changes and opportunities that may arise.